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Balancing Machines for Torque Converters Series UBLD - Schenck South Africa

  • Semi or fully automatic sequence of operations
  • Interfacing with the production line
  • Fully automatic unbalance correction


Single-plane balancing machine with vertical rotor axis and semi or fully automatic sequence of operation.
Basic machine with balancing unit and high-precision clamping adapter, weight cutting and forming unit and welding system for unbalance correction.
Determination of unbalance, calculation of correction weights and correction control through microprocessor-
based measuring unit.
Loading and unloading either manually or automatically by means of internal or external transport unit.
Freely programmable machine control and machine diagnostic system with display screen.
Multi-station models available on request.

Range of application

Measurement and correction of the unbalance of torque converters.
Application of the machine in large volume
production, integrated with the production line and with suitable infeed or outfeed conveyors.
Unbalance correction by welding of weights on the outside surface of the converter in one or more correction steps. Weights are obtained fully automatically from coils.
At the rear of the machine, a correction weight is cut to size from a metal coil in accordance with the measured unbalance, formed and supplied to the welding unit. The welding unit transfers the correction weight to the work-piece and fastens it by means of one or two spot welds at a defined radius. A medium-frequency welding method is used.
Technical data
Technical data at a glance    UBLD 
Measuring unit    CAB 850 
Torque converter, complete    • 
Manual loading    • 
Automatic loading    • 
Automatic unbalance correction (welding)  •   
Weight, max.  [kg]  30 
Diameter, max.  [mm]  350 
Width A 2)  [mm]  2000 
Depth B 2)  [mm]  3000 
Height C 2)  [mm]  2000 
Balancing speed  [min -1]  600 - 1200 
Measuring uncertainty 1)  [gmm]  20 
Achievable tolerance 3)  [gmm]  100 - 200 
Cycle time 3)  [s]  60 - 80 
Air pressure  [bar] 
Power consumption  [kVA]  15 
Basic machine  Order No.  R0340400.01 
1) According to DIN 1319, 95% probability, work-piece dependent     
2) Data non-binding, depending on the respective equipment     
3) Depending on work-piece and initial unbalance