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Measuring unit for balancing tasks in the production line CAB 950, CAB 850, CAB 750 - Schenck South Africa

  • Digital measured value for processing for high accuracy
  • Correction calculation and control
  • Wide range of software components for production-based balancing tasks

CAB 750 - Productive Measurement and Correction system

CAB 750 is the instrument of choice for series production. Through multi-processor technology and effective multi-tasking it’s more than just a balance measuring unit: measurement assessment, correction calculation and control, fault diagnostics, and data transfer run simultaneously. The instrument is a multi-functional measurement and control system. It guarantees the shortest system times, converts unbalance into effective correction and exchanges signals with peripheral equipment.

Digital technology and efficient operating concept with software- supported setup procedures minimize non-productive time for the balancing machine and measuring system. The data memory for known type data and important machine and correction parameters allow setup by push-button or automatically through an external command.

Diagnostic tools isolate disturbances and the expense of setting up after an exchange of components is minimal.

With CAB 750 you are also able to switch between types of correction after the measurement - precisely down to the last digit (whether polar or in components, in metric or imperial units, as digital values, vector displays or color graphics).

The optimal correction calculation is carried out automatically and without error whether through drilling, milling, welding, grinding, classification, in components or polar, in one or more planes, in multiple processing steps, in fixed or iterative systems. Up to 12 digital axes are controlled for positioning the work-piece and the tools, in operation and during the setup process.

Needless to say, this powerful instrument also provides for statistical process control.


High productivity and flexibility are the measures by which modern production lines are judged. If you want to remain effective, you must react quickly to trends, implement lean production and offer a convincing level of quality. This calls for technologies that guarantee productivity, flexibility and efficiency.

Balancing machines in the production line are presented with particular challenges. Adaptability for the solution of individualbalancing tasks, extreme accuracy, high production volumes and a technology that takes not only people but also the production environment into account.

Our microprocessor-based measuring units are ideally suited to meet these challenges. Reliable hardware, easily understood software and the modular, service-friendly design help you to secure you competitiveness for the long run.

CAB 950 - The production system for more flexibility in balancing

The CAB 950 is the combination of precise measurement technology and the most up to date control technology, robust design, and the simplest handling. All integrated in a system with a consistent operating philosophy, uniform operator interface and a full range of communication possibilities.

CAB 950 contains the complete functionality of its predecessors the CAB 850 and CAB 750. Significant enhancements have been made to the production integration, operator ergonomics and remote diagnostics. The integrated Siemens PLC allows you, for example, to control loading and unloading equipment. Thanks to the network capabilities of the industrial PC with MS Windows XP and the Schenk Computer Aided Balancing (CAB), you can call off the statistical process control data, for example, from the comfort of your office. If, in spite of the extensive test routines, plausibility checks and the practice-oriented Help system you need Schenk’s help, you will very quickly find a solution using the integrated online remote diagnostics, Teleservice.

As standard, there are versions of the CAB 950 for:


  • Crankshaft balancing machines
  • Crankshaft mass-centering machines
  • Drive shaft balancing machines
  • Vertical balancing machines
  • Assembly and balancing machines for complete wheels

CAB 850 - The high-performance balancing system

The microprocessor system CAB 850, which combines the outstanding capabilities of the CAB 750 with the possibilities offered by the latest in Information Technology, sets the standard when it comes to productivity, quality and flexibility. It contains not only extensive functions in respect of determining measured values, correction calculation and control, it is also characterized by a reliable operating system and a graphically optimized, active Touch Screen user interface, which, on those few occasions when manual intervention is actually necessary, is easy to read and operationally intuitive.

Equipped with a modular software structure and a powerful hardware with a wide range of interfaces, the CAB 850 offers significantly more memory and communication options as well as technological head space for the future.
Technical data
Technical data at a glance    CAB 750  CAB 850  CAB 950 
Digital-multiplication measuring principle    •  •  • 
Sampling time optimization    •  •  • 
Multi-station capability    •  •  • 
Empirical calibration    •  •  • 
Correction value calculation    •  •  • 
Automatic correction control    •  •  • 
Digital display    •     
High resolution screen display      •  • 
Multi function keyboard    •     
Touch-screen      •  • 
Separate storage medium    •  •  • 
Centronics interface (printers)      •  • 
Interface (RS 232; V24)    •  •  • 
Serial interface (COM)      •  • 
Serial interface, Ethernet      •  • 
Control interface, standard    •  •  • 
Control interface, Profi-/Inter-Bus    •  •  • 
Interface for 2 display units      •  • 
Interface for external keyboard      •  • 
Reference generator connection   
Vibrations sensor connections    1 - 4 
Measuring unit         
Display resolution    640 x 400  1024 x 768  1024 x 768 
Measurement uncertainty  [gmm]  depending on the balancing machine  depending on the balancing machine  depending on the balancing machine 
Measuring speed  [min -1]  150 - 10.000  150 - 10.000  150 - 40.000 
Unbalance measuring range    1 : 1.000.000  1 : 1.000.000  1 : 1.000.000 
Measurement time, approx.  [s]  1,5 - 6  1,5 - 6  1,5 - 6 
Type data memory  100  10.000   2)  2) 
Dimensions (19‘‘ rack)  [HE]  11  16  16 
Weight, approx.  [kg]  40  45 
Power requirement 1)  [V]  115 / 230  115 / 230  115 / 230 
Power consumption  [VA]  250  300  300 
Basic instrument  Order No.  R0760400.01  R0760600.01   
(•) Optional         
For the mentioned measuring units a multiplicity of extensions and software options are available that are only partially discribed here. To adapt these to your specific task please consult one of our tecjnoical personnel. 
1) + 6% / -10%, 50/60 Hz         
2) Unlimited with external data storage medium         
o.r. On request