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Fully automatic robot-enhanced mounting machine 150 TBUR - Schenck South Africa

  • Highly flexible working range from 14'' - 24"
  • Optional, robot-based matching function that replaces a stand-alone match machine
  • Optimal lubrication of the tire beads and the rims with brush and spray application
  • Shortest cycle times with a two-station machine concept
  • Ergonomic operation concept
  • Improved accessibility through parallel rim and tire in-feed sections
  • Installation does not required a dedicated foundations

The high-end mounting machine 150TBUR provides maximum performance and flexibility for your tire and wheel production. The big working range of 14"-24" covers any production program with ease.

The patented robot-based, two-station machine concept allows for a sparing tire mounting procedure, while maintaining shortest cycle times even in a mixed mode operation. Additionally, the optional robot-based matching function reduces space requirements and investments significantly.

The 150TBUR is digital-ready, which enables an easy full-scale Loxeo integration. Loxeo offer various features for machine diagnosis in terms of performance and status monitoring.


  • Separate feed-in conveyors for rims and tires
  • Optional camera stations in both the tire and rim feed-in, for the recognition of match-marks
  • Spray lubrication for the rims
  • Brush-based lubrication system for the upper and lower tire bead
  • Robot-based mounting of the first bead with match-mark indexing for the matching function
  • Mounting station for the mounting of the second bead
Special features
  • Flexible production over the entire working range in a mixed operation mode
  • Digital-ready machine design for a simple Loxeo integration
  • Patented robot-based match functionality ensure significant cost and space savings
  • Sparing two station mounting concept with robot-assisted mounting of the first tire bead
  • The two station mounting concept enables the machine to realize shortest cycle times while preventing tire stress
  • High-precise camera recognition of the match-marks with two camera stations in the rim and tire feed-in
Technical data
Data at a glance         
Operating range         
Wheel weight max.  [kg]  50     
Wheel outer diamater  [mm]  560-900     
Wheel width  [mm]  100-350     
Rim diameter  [inch]  15-24     
Rim width  [inch]  3-13     
Rim offset  [mm]  0 - 120     
Rim material    Steel, Alloy     
Number of processable mounting programs    9999     
Width  [mm]  5600     
Depth  [mm]  6400     
Height  [mm]  3500     
Feed-in height rims  [mm]  1110     
Feed-in height tyres  [mm]  1250     
discharge height wheel  [mm]  1110     
Total net weight  [kg]  9500     
Power supply    400V 3-Ph, 50Hz     
Total connected load  [kVA]  25     
SPS type    Siemens F1500 TIA     
Compressed air consumption max.  [m³ i.N. pro h]  60     
Compressed air supply pressure  [bar]  ≥ 6     
Noise level  [dB(A)]  ≤ 80     
Machine color    RAL 7035 (SCHENCK-Standard)     
Cycle time         
both beads simultaneously  [s]     
single bead  [s]     
run-Flat  [s]  8.5     
single bead without robot  [s]  10